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Credit Card Balance Transfers Can Supercharge Your Real Estate Investing

0%-balance-transfer-credit-cardsCredit balance transfers with 0% introductory interest rates are a great way to tackle one of the toughest obstacles to real estate investing–raising capital. As Mike and I begin the process of rehabbing and flipping a HUD foreclosure we just bought, the need for short term capital is critical. But whether you are a real estate investor or not, balance transfer credit cards offer a great way to get free cash.

0% balance transfers are a great way to transfer high interest rate debt or to simply put the money in a high yield savings account to earn some extra cash. In our case, we can use credit balance transfers to help pay for rehab costs, and then pay off the debt once we sell the house.

So with all that in mind, what follows are a list of some of the best balance transfer cards available. I’ve included how long any transferred balance will remain at 0%, although you should read the terms and conditions carefully as offers can change without notice.. Clicking on the link for each card will take you to the card issuer’s website where you can get more information about each balance transfer card and apply for the card online if you’d like.

Chase 0% Credit Balance Transfers

» Chase Business Rebate Visa 12 months
» Chase Platinum Visa 12 months
» Chase PerfectCard MasterCard 6 months
» Chase Free Cash Rewards Visa 12 months
» Chase Platinum Business Card 12 months
» Chase Platinum MasterCard 12 months
» Chase Business Cash Rewards Card 12 months + Up to 5% cash back

Advanta Balance Transfer Offers

» Advanta Platinum BusinessCard with Rewards 15 months 0% balance transfer offer
» Advanta Platinum BusinessCard 12 months
» Advanta Kiva BusinessCard 15 months + rebates on charitable contributions

Discover 0% Balance Transfer Offers

» Discover Business Card 0% 12 months on purchase + $100 Cash Back Offer + up to 5% Cashback bonus
» Discover Business Miles Card 12 months
» Discover Miles Card 6 months
» Discover Open Road 12 months
» Discover More (Clear) 12 months
» Discover More (American Flag) 12 months
» Discover More (Wildlife Collection) 12 months
» Discover More (Sea Life Collection) 12 months
» Discover Monogram Card 12 months

As you review these offers, remember that the longest 0% balance transfer offer is not always the best for your particular needs. These cards often come with a variety of benefits, including cash and other rebates and travel rewards. In addition, with balance transfers, you may get a higher credit limit for shorter 0% APR offers.

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  • Balance Transfer Credit Card September 16, 2008, 4:35 pm

    Sounds good

  • StarL October 27, 2008, 5:13 am

    These are really great marketing come-ons, and I admit they are indeed helpful, but we should all remember to be wise about spending and purchasing, and most importantly consistent in paying our credit card bills. :)


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